Why Sensory Guru

Stunning, versatile spaces 

Since 2010, the Sensory Guru design team has created hundreds of stunning, versatile spaces to meet a wide range of needs.

We design content-rich, interactive Sensory Rooms and Environments that provide social, educational and therapeutic benefits.

Creative approach

Our design team are a creative bunch. They love working with clients to understand their needs and design innovative spaces that will deliver on the aims specified by the customer.

Sensory Guru environments are outcomes focused and feature a range of equipment that can support and enhance learning, meet therapy goals and provide valuable experiences for users.

Multi-modal access

Our Sensory Rooms incorporate products that offer multi-modal access and variable levels of stimulation, to suit the diverse needs of users.

We utilise a wide range of access devices, including infrared and wireless switches, gesture and camera tracking, eye gaze, modified game controllers and bespoke input devices.

The flexibility and creative potential of the equipment we use enables spaces to be used in numerous ways. One of our clients refers to their Sensory Room as “The Room of Requirement” due to the levels of flexibility it provides.

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Easy to use

We know our customers and understand that simplicity is the key to delivering a solution that will be well used. For this reason, we ensure that every space we design is easy for staff to set up and use. 

Many of our products come with simple to use app builders so that you can make your own resources with ease.


Sensory Guru is the manufacturer of the award-winning Magic Carpet and Magic Mirror interactive projection systems. We are innovators and the experts when it comes to designing interactive technologies which we incorporate into all of our Sensory Room designs.

We recognise that the markets we serve are not awash with funding. For this reason, we aim to deliver products that offer longevity and can be updated.

As manufacturers, we are also able to provide unparalleled levels of support to customers.

Research and development

Research and Development is at the heart of Sensory Guru. Every year we invest significantly in developing our product portfolio. 

We love to involve our customers in our latest development projects and often invite customers to help with alpha and beta stage testing of software. This enables our customers to feedback valuable information that we can use to inform our product developments.


What is the design process?

Consultation Icon

Stage 1 - Consultation:

An opportunity to discuss the project and view the space you have in mind at a time to suit you.

Collaboration Icon

Stage 2 - Invitation to Collaborate:

Our designers will create some design ideas based on the design consultation and invite you to an online meeting to discuss and provide feedback.

Refine Icon

Stage 3 - Refine:

Our designers will refine the designs and provide a detailed project proposal, which includes an itemised quotation.

Acceptance Icon

Stage 4 - Acceptance:

If you are happy to proceed we will send you a scope of work document to review.

Stage 5 - Realisation:

Expert installers will come to install the equipment and provide instruction on how to get started.

After Sales Icon

Stage 6 - After Sales Care:

Our product specialists will visit your new space and provide training on the technical aspects of the equipment and help you tailor it to the needs of users.