Sensory VR – What Is It?

What is it?

Sensory VR offers responsive sensory scenes and mesmerising, interactive, virtual reality journeys for people with sensory needs.

As a tool for sensory exploration, Sensory VR opens up a new world of discovery for users, therapists, educators, parents and caregivers.


Everything in Sensory VR is controllable from Sensory VR’s companion control iOS and Android apps.

Select the environment type you would like to use, then put on the headset. 

From here you have full control of the fixtures, fittings, effects, audio and video that gets introduced to the experience.

Facilitators can see watch on a monitor what the user is seeing while in VR. This means facilitators can provide support and guidance as the user explores the scene.

Logically Designed

Sensory VR has been designed with a logical foundation, whereby the experience is built for each user, not predefined. 

This approach enables the stimuli to be thoughtfully presented and made appropriate to the user, be that an adult with dementia or a young person with complex needs.

Sensory VR Image



  • Full 360 degree immersion
  • Switch responsive interactivity (switch controls things you are looking at)
  • Explore the potential that VR offers to people with sensory needs
  • Controllable levels of stimulation
  • Interactive elements
  • Responsive graphics
  • Speech recognition and voice commands
  • Unlike traditional Sensory Rooms the virtual Sensory Room does not require complex installations or electrical works
  • Never have to empty the bubble tube again!