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What Is Eye FX?

Eye FX is a rapidly-evolving content platform delivering accessible apps in the form of educational games, tasks, stimulation exercises and much more. Every Eye FX app has been designed to support mixed access device users including Eye Gaze, Switch, Speech, Sound and Touch.

Eye FX content offers a world of possibilities for exploration and experimentation using mixed access input devices. Games will respond to eyes, eyes and switch, eyes and sound, eyes and speech, single or multiple switch, switch and speech and more. The configurations are endless and the content is designed to be as flexible as possible.

New apps can be found on the Eye FX app store and downloaded to your local machine where they appear as installed applications in the Eye FX program.

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Apps can be changed and selected remotely by a facilitator using our Eye FX companion control app for iOS’s and Android devices or simply on the PC itself by the user.

  • 100s of apps available on app store
  • 3 purchase options: voucher, Eye FX and Eye FX Pro
  • Apps for exploration, learning, therapy and play
  • Make your own apps
  • Clone and edit existing apps
  • Stimulate and engage
  • Environmental control compatible
  • Responsive to eyes, switch, speech, sound and touch
  • Powerful analytics engine
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Who is it for?

As a tool for enhancing user engagement Eye FX content is equally beneficial in therapeutic, educational and diagnostic contexts. The mixed access control means that the software can be used by people of all ages and abilities.

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Playing with Access and Communication:

We must all start somewhere and Eye FX applications provide a great way for individuals to play with access and communication in a safe, no fail gaming environment. In Eye FX any on screen object can be adapted to respond to switch, eyes, speech and sounds, or any combination of these access methods. Practice and play with communication and access and begin the journey towards independence.

Learn Eye Gaze and Switching:

Learning Eye Gaze and Switching can be difficult if you do not have appropriate content on hand to keep you engaged and interested. Eye FX offers a wide variety of content and caters for users that need variable levels of stimulation. With Eye FX you can add and reduce complexity as you progress. If you need a simple fixed coloured background with single stimulus point, you can have it, if you need a 3D shooter with all the bells and whistles of a mainstream gaming title, it is there too. Eye FX is designed around the user and will support users’ evolving skills.

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Eye FX has been used by many leading rehabilitation centres for stimulation of the minimally conscious. Rehab practitioners enthuse about Eye FX because it is accessible and offers content that is suitable for adults. With Eye FX so everything is customisable. You choose what your users interact with.

Software Features

Eye FX software has been created with simplicity in mind to make it easy to work with in any setting.

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Selecting Eye FX Apps is as simple as clicking on an icon! Want to make an App? Just follow the step through wizard! Want to make a collection or playlist? Simply drag and drop the apps. Everyone can do it! It really is this straightforward!

Eye FX App Store

Eye FX users become members of a global network of like-minded individuals seeking to enhance their skills, explore access, communicate and have fun. The online App Store is the gateway to the community, where you can acquire new activities, share activities you have created and network with other Eye FX users.


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Apps for everything!

The Eye FX app store offers an expanding pool of valuable app content designed for mixed access users. Here you can acquire new apps and browse the apps that are currently available. Eye FX customers can create wish lists of their favourites for checkout later.

Unlock new features

Any existing Eye FX user that would like to access the features included with Eye FX Pro can easily upgrade via the app store. You are only ever a download away from making apps, using analytics and more.

How to get new apps

Login to the Eye FX app store account and search for apps you would like to purchase, then checkout online or request a quote to pay by Purchase Order. You can pre-load your account with Eye FX credits too!

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Investment in Content

We invest heavily in app content for Eye FX and employ in-house app developers and designers who spend all of their time creating new apps for Eye FX. Rest assured that when you buy into Eye FX you are buying into a well-supported system with new resources being added on an ongoing basis.

Sharing Platform

It is possible to freely share apps that you have created with other Eye FX users all over the world. Simply upload your app to our server direct from your Eye FX software and we will review and publish the app as freely distributed content to all other Eye FX users.

Sensory Eye FX

Software Versions

We have created three versions of Eye FX to make it easy for everyone to access. The software is designed to be upgradeable, so you can begin with a voucher bundle to get you started and add additional apps and features as desired.

Eye FX access vouchers

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An affordable starting point for access to Eye FX content. Purchase an app store voucher from one of our assistive technology resellers and then create an account on the Eye FX app store to download your chosen starter bundle. Easy, no hassle installation. New apps can be downloaded at any time.

  • Fun Bundle
  • Stimulation Bundle
  • Education Bundle


Buy Now

Eye FX (£495)

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Thoughtful rewrite of the original 30 Eye FX applications delivered with new enhanced features and stunning visual content.

5 levels of exploration, companion iOS / Android control app, create collections and categories, add favourite apps to home screen, download and add new apps from the Eye FX app store.

Buy Now

Eye FX Pro (£795)

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Eye FX Pro includes everything that Eye FX offers with the valuable addition of app creation tools, editing capabilities, analytics, real-time control of screen content, media library with 5000 royalty free images and sounds.

Upgrading users £395.00
RRP £795.00


Buy Now

Eye FX Control App

Many Eye FX users require facilitator assistance to enable them to access the content. The Eye FX companion control app for iOS and Android devices provides convenient obtrusion free control and allows facilitators to modify the content and gameplay in real-time, meaning you can now increase and decrease stimuli, switch colours, change images and more. This opens up many new opportunities for therapy and experimentation with outcomes being observed in the moment.

Sensory Eye-FX has been developed specifically with gaze interaction in mind. It is designed to develop early cause and effect skills through fun and stimulating activities. These activities are designed to be used without the need for a calibration. Users can develop their screen engagement, tracking, targeting, selecting and creative skills with activities such as splat painting, making patterns and onscreen musical instruments.

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The software is divided into 5 stages of exploration. These stages function as a training ground to teach early Eye Gaze users the tools and methods of Eye Gaze.


Eye FX features a powerful analytics engine that has been designed for practitioners to develop their own tests based on their own benchmarks and criteria. For the first-time facilitators are able to determine which aspects of user interaction is valuable and worth tracking. This is an evolution beyond simply knowing if a user can track an object across the screen and providing a percentage for accuracy - which in most academic contexts is not particularly useful. With Eye FX you create your own science and can track, monitor, compare data that is useful to you and your users.

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App Builder (pro):

Make apps or clone existing apps using our super easy app creator wizard.


Group apps into your own custom collections

Media Library Icon

Media Library (pro):

Over 5000 royalty free media assets for you to use when building your own apps. There is something for everything.

Playlists & Schedules (pro):

Create playlists and have Eye FX play them to schedules you set. This can be helpful if you would like to limit screen time or allow users to explore content on without facilitator intervention.


Home screen shows all of your favourite apps so you can run them easily without navigating.

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Apps are categorised into easily navigable search criteria. Advanced filtering options allow users to browse apps by education level, therapeutic discipline, user type and age range.

Access Framework:

At the core of all Eye FX applications is a powerful access framework that sits below the visible content allowing external modifications to be made to in-game settings in real-time.

Access Tool Bar:

The tool bar provides access to in-game dwell times, game controls and allows users to switch activation methods using eye gaze.

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Analytics (pro):

Powerful analytics engine designed for professionals to create their own observations, tests and comparisons.

Real-time Control (pro):

Modify Eye FX apps as the user is interacting with them from a tablet or phone. Move a stimulus to a new location, change and adapt content in response to users’ interactions.

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“Eye FX is extremely useful for engaging our residents. We love that it works in therapy and for recreation.”

- Judy O'Neil - Holy Cross Hospital


Eye FX is an accessible gaming platform. We have an ever-expanding selection of games designed for mixed access but that does not mean they are not for everybody. We can see a short-term future where Eye FX games will cross over into mainstream gaming and we love the idea that people of all abilities will be playing together.

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Educators use Eye FX with pupils accessing Eye Gaze technology and following the eye gaze learning curve to build an understanding of cause and effect, develop communication skills and to access the curriculum. Eye FX applications can now support many areas of the curriculum to include numeracy and literacy and educators can make their own or adapt existing apps to better meet individual needs.


Eye FX vouchers from £125.00

Eye FX £495.00

Eye FX Pro £795.00

App Store Bundle Voucher



App Launcher Software

Make Collections

Access Settings

App Store Account

Download New Apps

Companion Control App (iOS/Android)


30 Eye FX Apps With Customization Options


Media Library



App Maker









Clone / Edit Apps



Real-time Content Control



Level 1 - Blank Screen Engagement

Blank Screen Engagement activities allow users to explore cause and effect – when they look – something happens, when they look away – it stops. This concept is fundamental to learning eye gaze and needs to be explored in some detail. Looking produces results!

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Level 2 - Object Displacement

Object displacement activities introduce some of the methods of eye gaze such as dwell functions and basic targeting – here users may begin to gain greater awareness as to how their gaze proximity activates a response from content located in a certain area of the screen.

Level 3 - Zoned Focusing

Zoned focusing – an ability to target specific areas of the screen is an important step in learning to control the mouse cursor, here we want users to begin to fix their gaze in order to achieve a greater level of control and accuracy. With these apps we are developing skills necessary to achieve a successful calibration.

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Level 4 - Active Exploration

It is important that users are motivated to engage with the screen. Active exploration activities encourage users to engage with the wider area of the screen and have fun using their eyes.

Level 5 - Controlled Targeting

Controlled targeting activities can help users achieve greater control, a higher degree of accuracy and a more detailed understanding of the dwell function.