Magic Immersion – What Is It?

Magic Immersion is a stunning multi-projector installation system that creates a wrap-around immersive environment.

It offers highly engaging, interactive experiences, in the form of educational and therapeutic games, responsive sensory scenes and mesmerising interactive journeys.

Magic Immersion is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Interactive content is delivered by a powerful gaming PC and 3 Ultra Short Throw Projectors which display magical, interactive and engaging content across 3 walls.

Participants will find themselves transported into stunning interactive scenes, where they will appear as avatars or see themselves as though they are looking into a mirror! Imagine seeing yourself immersed in a jungle scene and being able to interact with the wildlife that surrounds you?

Learning, therapy, play

Magic Immersion comes with a rich and varied array of enjoyable, therapeutic and educational applications delivered in the form of tasks, games, sensory effects and more. This makes Magic Immersion suitable for use within a number of health and education settings catering for people of all ages and abilities.


Magic Immersion has configurable input settings enabling multiple participants to interact together using gestures, eyes, switches, speech, sound and touch at the same time. This offers unparalleled levels of accessibility.

Participants can carry out tasks in different areas of the multi-wall projection, which helps to ensure that all participants are included, engaged and on task. Activities can be set at varying levels of difficultly.

  • 30 highly engaging interactive scenes available - more coming soon!
  • Applications within learning, therapy and play
  • Make your own apps
  • Stimulate and engage participants
  • Multi-user accessibility
  • Supports the curriculum
  • Environmental control
  • Responsive to gesture, eyes, switch, speech, sound and touch
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What is it for?

Magic Immersion can be used in a therapeutic or educational context in special educational needs settings.

It has a broad selection of apps available on its App Store, which ensure that content is available to suitable the varying needs of users.

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Make your own apps!

Whether you are looking to build an understanding of cause and effect, develop communication and social skills or enable students to access the curriculum in a more inclusive way – Magic Immersion has it all!

Facilitators and pupils can also create their own apps in seconds with our easy app maker, providing an endless stream of content!


Quality Components

Stunning 3 Projector Immersive Projection System with high specification gaming PC, 3D Motion Tracking System and an immersive learning suite of educational games, activities and tasks.

Access Options

Magic Immersion apps can be interacted with by motion, eyes, switches, speech, sound and touch providing a truly inclusive platform suitable for users of all abilities. Supports all Tobii Eye tracking devices.

Magic Carpet Image
Magic Carpet Image

Amazing Content

Magic Immersion is supplied with 30 apps conveniently grouped into easily navigable categories. When you install new apps, they will automatically appear in the corresponding category as indicated on the app tags on the Magic Immersion App Store.


Magic Immersion software is built on the latest technology to provide unparalleled ease of use. See Software tab for details.

App Store

Magic Immersion has a rapidly growing selection of outstanding content readily available via the Magic Immersion app store.


Magic Immersion software has been designed with simplicity in mind; making it easy for people to work with in any setting. The PC runs the main Magic Immersion server application and you control things with Magic Immersion’s companion iOS and Android apps. You can also control volume and even shutdown the system and turn off the projector using the control apps.

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Selecting Magic Immersion Apps is as simple as clicking on an icon! Want to make an App? Just follow the step through wizard! Want to make a collection or playlist? Simply drag and drop the apps. Everyone can do it! It really is this straightforward!

App Builder:

Make Apps using Our super easy app creator wizard


Group apps into your own custom collections

Media Library Icon

Media Library:

Over 5000 royalty free media assets for you to use when building your own apps. There is something for everything

Playlists & Schedules:

Create playlists and have Magic Immersion play them to schedules set by you


Home screen shows all of your favourite apps so you can run them easily without navigating

Categories Icon


Apps are categorised into easily navigable search criteria. Advanced filtering options allow users to browse apps by education level, therapeutic discipline, user type and age range

App Store

When you acquire a Magic Immersion you become part of a global family of users.

The online App Store is the gateway to the community where you can acquire new activities, share activities you have created and build new activities using the online activity builder software.


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Apps for everything!

To further enhance customer experience, Magic Immersion has its very own app store. Here users can acquire new apps and browse the apps that are currently available.

How to get new apps

Login to the Magic Immersion app store account and search apps you would like to purchase, then checkout online or request a quote to pay by Purchase Order. You can pre-load your account with Magic Immersion credits too!

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Investment in Content

We invest heavily in app content for Magic Immersion and employ in-house app developers and designers who spend all of their time creatingnew apps. Rest assured that when you buy into Magic Immersion you are buying into a well-supported system with new content being developed on a regular basis.

Sharing Platform

It is possible to freely share apps that you have created with other Magic Immersion users all over the world. Simply upload your app to our server direct from your Magic Immersion software and we will review and publish the app as freely distributed content to all other Magic Immersion users.

Your chance to win!

Refer our products, such as Magic Immersion to a friend via the App Store for your chance to win a Sensory Room!

Find Out More

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Magic Immersion is great for schools that are looking to create stunning, interactive scenes that will enhance learning and engagement.

The ground-breaking multi-wall projection system enables class groups to become fully immersed in the lesson themes and subjects beingtaught, which helps to bring the curriculum to life and opens up a new world of kinaesthetic and movement based learning.

Magic Carpet Image
Magic Carpet Image

Students simply move in front of, or over the projected applications to interact with the content. Any movement can be met with a visual and auditory reward, helping to engage visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learners.

Students are up on their feet having fun, engaged and experiencing the subjects in a more dynamic way than ever before. This creates a deeper level of subject immersion, which helps to provide a deeper level of understanding.

For example, in history, students could be transported to an Egyptian Pharaoh’s tomb. The teacher could instruct the students to shine a torch onto its walls, which will reveal ancient hieroglyphics hidden in the darkness that can be interacted with and equated to the English alphabet.

Imagine visiting the Egyptians, Henry VIII or the World War One trenches – all from the comfort of your classroom!

The shared immersive experience aims to complement and enhance curriculum learning alongside already established teaching methods

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Teachers say Magic Immersion is great for:

  • Harnessing attention
  • Making learning fun
  • Promoting collaboration
  • Self-directed learning
  • Reinforcing learning objectives
  • Rewarding pupils
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Magic Immersion is supported by its own App Store, an online community where teachers can browse and download 100s of apps. Whether you are teaching English, History, Science or Maths - there is something for everyone!

Teachers can also create their own apps and share this content with other schools – ensuring a growing pool of valuable content is available for teachers to build their lesson plans around. The resources are ever-growing!

Medical Practitioners praise Magic Immersion’s ability to create a feel-good factor that can often be missing from hospital wards, through its ability to de-stress, excite and entertain patients.

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The engaging content and relaxing sounds can transform the hospital environment into a magical place that feels completely different to the traditional hospital setting.

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Versatility in the hospital setting.

Magic Immersion has its own app store, where applications can be downloaded. This means that Magic Immersion can be used in several ways within a hospital setting for different use cases, such as:

  • to aid distraction during invasive procedures
  • to enhance the hospital, visit by creating a relaxing, comforting space to minimise anxiety
  • for rehabilitation
  • for physioterapy
  • to provide entertainment and sensory stimulation for inpatients
  • to sooth and calm patients who are experiencing high levels of pain and discomfort
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Ease of use

Magic Immersion is an intuitive system so hospital staff require only a basic two minutes training session in order to use it effectively.

Playlists and schedules help to add a level of automation to the daily routine, which means that it only needs to be turned on in the morning and it will then take care of itself – including shutdown.

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Transport children to a world of imagination, where anything is possible with Magic Immersion!

Magic Immersion’s vibrant and stimulating content helps to create an immersive environment that can enable users to enjoy magicalexperiences, such as being in an enchanted wood with sparkling fairies, or flying in space through a stunning cosmic storm.

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The interactive projection system offers multi-user interactivity, which enables children accessing the hospice service to interact and play games with parents and siblings on equal terms.

It is responsive to gesture, eyes, switch, speech, sound and touch, ensuring that it can be accessed and controlled by anyone, regardless of their chosen input method.

Applications can be downloaded from Magic Immersion’s App Store for use in education, therapy and play.

Magic Immersion also has a simple to use app builder, which means that apps and games can be customised to meet the interests and needs of children.

Images and other media types can be uploaded and converted into interactive apps. This could be an image of a sibling or friend that can be interacted with in the game. Great fun for everyone!

Magic Immersion has been designed for use by users of all ages and abilities. In adult care settings Magic Immersion applications can be used to promote life skills, social interaction and provide many hours of enjoyment and discovery.

Magic Immersion apps have been designed to help keep service users stimulated in order to enhance cognitive function, promote socialisation and interaction with peers and reduce feelings of isolation, boredom and frustration.

Magic Carpet Image
Magic Carpet Image

Magic Immersion’s 3D activities can be used to work on depth and spatial awareness with users navigating through fun scenesaccompanied by enjoyable game play and environmental feedback.Quizzes and sequencing applications have been found to help increase cognition and benefit brain function – the variety of apps available is huge!

Apps can be presented at varying levels of difficulty, depending on the needs of each user.


Magic Immersion enables participants to be transported to different environments where they can experience the familiar, such as a trip to the beach or a walk through the woods, or experience some entirely new, like flying through the cosmos in a spaceship or controlling a Gorilla avatar in the jungle. The possibilities are endless.

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Magic Immersion has its own App Store where more apps can be downloaded. This means that the system is never dull and content remains interesting and engaging for users. It also comes with its own easy app maker, which allows facilitators and service users to make their own applications.

Magic Immersion is perfect for all environments where engagement,fun, inclusion and leaning are the key deliverables in user experience. As a result, commercial and leisure settings love Magic Immersion.

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In-app Support

Raise a support ticket direct from Magic Immersion software as you are using it in real-time. Sensory Guru has a dedicated support team offering telephone and remote access assistance to Magic Immersion customers 9-6pm GMT -support ticket and support information can be found here:

Environmental Control

Magic Immersion’s app framework has been designed to sense and control devices remotely from within Magic Immersion apps. This creates opportunities for a more direct integration of the physical world into Magic Immersion’s app world, resulting in enhanced immersive game-play and control of environmental outputs: lighting, smart sockets, IR devices and much more.

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Magic Carpet Image

Social interaction

Magic Immersion supports multi-user interaction, which can help to encourage communication and social interaction amongst service users. This can also help to keep the brain active and enable service users to share new experiences and create new memories.

  • Stimulate and engage service users
  • Promote social interaction between peers
  • Communication
  • Physiotherapy
  • Accessible for all levels
  • Responsive to gesture, eyes, switch, speech, sound and touch
  • Environmental control
  • Challenge users and reduce boredom
  • Provide entertainment and sensory stimulation
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The vivid and enchanting interactive applications capture the interests of both children and adults – we challenge you to find someone that can resist having a go!

  • No exposed or vulnerable parts: can be installed out of sight
  • Automate playlists and schedules: simply turn it on and forget about it – the system will do the rest
  • Use for brand promotion and advertising
  • Control lighting and other environmental features direct from the games
  • Upgrade content packages via Magic Immersion app store
  • Schedule the system to work at key times showing specific apps
  • Increase in-store dwell times and entertain shoppers
  • Allow user to change apps from a device (if desirable)
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The vivid and engaging content helps to create an engaging interactive space, that can maximise learning and skill development opportunities. Participants are able to have experiences that they might never get to outside of the space. For example, Magic Immersion’s multi-user accessibility means that groups can form part of a band while playing an instrument; run wild at a party popping balloons; or even control avatars, such as a gorilla or robot, within the virtual setting.

Magic Carpet Image
Magic Carpet Image

Real World Scenarios

Real-world scenarios can also be created such as going to the supermarket, hospital or getting a train. This can help learners to develop coping mechanisms and skills that will help them to handle when they encounter these scenarios in real life.

Rather than controlling avatars, Magic Immersion can also be used to enable participants to see their own reflection projected onto the wall. This is fantastic for developing self-awareness and perception. Participants can be encouraged to reach targets on the screen, which can have physiotherapeutic benefits as well as developing motor skills.

Environmental control

Magic Immersion brings exploration and game play into physical world like never before by enabling users to control lighting, multisensory equipment and more through their interactions with the projected scenes.

These multi-dimensional applications offer a deeper level of immersion and enhance the tangibility of each experience. This takes the immersive experience to a new level.

Using multi-sensory equipment and tactile elements alongside Magic Immersion, such as a vibroacustic beanbag or Tactile Fun Kit, can provide users with kinesthetic sensations that can enhance the immersive experience. Teachers can also use the tactile elements for proprioception activities and combine them with visual and auditory stimulation to work on sensory modulation.

Magic Carpet Image
Magic Carpet Image


Magic Immersion has configurable input settings enabling multiple participants to interact together using gestures, eyes, switches, speech, sound and touch at the same time. This offers unparalleled levels of accessibility.


  • Simulate real life scenarios e.g. taking the train or going to the supermarket
  • Products suitable for all levels of cognition
  • Learning curve, individuals can progress to enhance skills as they encounter more complex activities
  • Modular, users can engage with different activities on the projected space
  • Environmental control
  • Transport participants to a world of imagination, role play and gamified learning experiences
  • Encourage bilateral reaching, movement and physical therapy
  • Control the physical world through virtual surfaces
  • Develop group work, communication and social skills
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Magic Immersion can be installed in a variety of environments from classrooms and sensory rooms to hospital wards, play centres, care settings and leisure facilities.

Magic Carpet Image
Magic Carpet Image

The projector can be ceiling-mounted and all hardware can be hidden from view if necessary. This is particularly useful in mental health and other environments catering for complex users.

  • A 3m x 3m area for Immersion System will need to be created adding a sectioning wall for wrap around install
  • 5M long wall needed for linear installation
  • Ceiling height of 2.4m – 2.7m
  • Walls to be finished in matte white emulsion
  • Grid ceiling is preferred but not essential
  • Require a control area with 2 twin 13 amp sockets
  • 3-day installation
  • 12-months warranty
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