Magic Carpet – What Is It

What is Magic Carpet?

Magic Carpet is a stunning, app-based interactive projection system that aims to stimulate and engage learners of all ages and abilities.

Participants simply move over the projected apps to interact with the content. 


Learning, therapy, play

Magic Carpet responds to gesture, eyes or touch - making it inclusive for everyone!

It has its own an app store, with hundreds of applications that can be downloaded.

The fun, experiential and gamified content has applications within learning, therapy and play.

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Why choose Magic Carpet?

  • 1000s of apps available
  • Apps for learning, therapy and play
  • Make your own apps
  • Stimulate and engage participants
  • Supports the curriculum
  • Accessible for everyone
  • Responds to the slightest movements
  • Gesture, eye gaze or touch

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“I would say to anyone that wanted to get a Magic Carpet - go for it! Because they are absolutely fantastic!”

- Karen Bratchell - Teacher

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