Assistive Technology – Why Sensory Guru?

Sensory Guru is a specialist provider of assistive technology solutions with expertise in Alternative and Augmentative Communication, Environmental Control, Wheelchair Mounting and Computer Access Devices. Our experienced team supports a diverse client base, which includes individuals with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities, Complex Needs and Associated Communication Difficulties, Brain Injury and Stroke patients, Physical Disability, RETT Syndrome and those with Neurodegenerative conditions, such as Motor Neurone Disease.

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We are proud to say that we have supplied assistive technology solutions to more than 2000 customers in in the UK and support many more overseas via our partner network.

We are a trusted supplier to the NHS, Schools, Care Homes, Rehab Units, Brain Injury Units, Hospices and private customers.

Support when you need it

At Sensory Guru, we pride ourselves on our ability to rectify the issues our customers experience as soon as they are reported to us.

We have a first-class technical support team that have a deep level of understanding about how our systems work and are adept at guiding customers when troubleshooting.

In the past 12 months, the average time it took for a fault to be reported on our support ticketing system to be completely solved was less than 20 minutes.

Most software issues are solved in the first five minutes.

Our Promise

Sensory Guru’s product specialists will only recommend solutions that they are certain will meet the needs of the individuals they are intended for. If we cannot meet your needs, we will endeavour to put you in touch with services and other companies that may be better positioned to assist you.

We have invested a great deal in training our product specialists to a high level in the application and support of the assistive technology products that Sensory Guru supply’s to customers. You can be certain that our representatives will be able to support you before and after your purchase.

Sensory Guru is happy to work with your procurement channel to supply first class assistive technology solutions and services.

Sensory Eye FX

Sensory Eye-FX has been developed specifically with gaze interaction in mind. It is designed to develop early cause and effect skills through fun and stimulating activities. These activities are designed to be used without the need for a calibration. Users can develop their screen engagement, tracking, targeting, selecting and creative skills with activities such as splat painting, making patterns and onscreen musical instruments.

The software is divided into 5 stages of exploration. These stages function as a training ground to teach early Eye Gaze users the tools and methods of Eye Gaze.

Level 1 - Blank Screen Engagement

Blank Screen Engagement activities allow users to explore cause and effect – when they look – something happens, when they look away – it stops. This concept is fundamental to learning eye gaze and needs to be explored in some detail. Looking produces results!

Level 2 - Object Displacement

Object displacement activities introduce some of the methods of eye gaze such as dwell functions and basic targeting – here users may begin to gain greater awareness as to how their gaze proximity activates a response from content located in a certain area of the screen.

Level 3 - Zoned Focusing

Zoned focusing – an ability to target specific areas of the screen is an important step in learning to control the mouse cursor, here we want users to begin to fix their gaze in order to achieve a greater level of control and accuracy. With these apps we are developing skills necessary to achieve a successful calibration.

Level 4 - Active Exploration

It is important that users are motivated to engage with the screen. Active exploration activities encourage users to engage with the wider area of the screen and have fun using their eyes.

Level 5 - Controlled Targeting

Controlled targeting activities can help users achieve greater control, a higher degree of accuracy and a more detailed understanding of the dwell function.

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Register your copy of Sensory Eye-FX Software:

Please register your software using the form on the right so that we can keep you up to date with all of the latest updates.

Please note: Sensory Guru can only provide support to registered users and those with a valid license.

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Deactivate your copy of Sensory Eye FX

Should you need to deactivate your license you can do so with the form on the left. You will need your serial number and the email address used to register. You will have received a confirmation email from us at the time you registered confirming your details:

Can I use Sensory Eye FX with any Eye Tracker?

Sensory Eye FX was designed and tested with Tobii devices only. Since the software responds to mouse inputs it is possible to use with any device that allows you to control the mouse. Please be advised that Sensory Guru only supports the use of Sensory Eye FX with Tobii devices.

Can I move my license to another machine?

Yes, this is possible. First you will need to uninstall the software on the PC that you wish to move from and deactivate your license key on our Software Registration page. You will need your license key and the email address used to register.

What is the latest version?

The latest version is v1.2.1 distributed in the following formats:

  • Exe Installer available via web download link or supplied on DVD
  • Trial pre-installed on Tobii I-series

Why is my trial key so long?

If you have a long key it will be a response code for the trail version preinstalled on Tobii I-series devices. The reason it is so long is because we used a complicated encryption system for creating the trial, which resulted in a 75-digit code. We know that these codes are very non-user-friendly, especially when distributed on a printed registration card. If you have one of these codes take a picture of the card, email it to us, and we will send you the code in a format you can cut and paste.

What do I do if I lose my license key?

If you lose your license key email us from the email address you used to register the software and we will be able to retrieve it for you.

How do I install Sensory Eye FX?

Simply run the Sensory Eye FX.exe installer and the install wizard will guide you through the installation. If there are prerequisites missing from your PC these will be installed as part of the installation. See specification tab to learn more about the prerequisites. You will be prompted to enter your license key to complete the installation.

Why I am getting an error that says a newer C++ Redistributable is already installed?

On some devices, we have encountered this message. It is because the version we have distributed with the prerequisite is older than the version currently installed on your PC. This is not a problem. The newer version is fine. To proceed with the installation simply un-check the tick box on the right of the listed prerequisite item and the installation will continue.

Is Sensory Eye FX preinstalled on Tobii I-Series?

Yes, every I-Series has a preinstalled trial version that is valid for 30days from the first time you run the software.

Can Sensory Guru extend my trial evaluation period?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend trial periods.

My license key is not recognised?

Don’t punch us for saying so, but this is most likely a typo. Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate a 0 from a O and a I(i) from a l(L). If you find your patience is about to implode, please send us an image of the code you have and we will email it to you in a format that can be cut and pasted. If you have a trial license key, we can only apologise. See the ‘Why is my trial key so long?’ FAQ.

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Sensory Eye FX is a software application designed for PC’s supporting Windows Operating systems.

    Minimum PC specification:

  • Processor: IntelCore Duo U2500
  • RAM: 2 GB DDR2
  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Supported devices with integrated Eye Trackers:

  • Tobii C-Series
  • Tobii I-12 / I-15
  • Tobii I-12+ / I-15+
  • Supported USB Eye Trackers

  • Tobii PCEye One
  • Tobii PCEye Go
  • Tobii PCEye Mini
  • Tobii PCEye Plus (requires Windows Control V1)
  • Tobii Eye Mobile Plus (requires Windows Control V1)
  • Prerequisite Software

  • Flash Player
  • C++ 2010 Redistributable
  • Tobii Gaze Interaction Suite
  • .NET Framework 4.5
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