First class support 

At Sensory Guru, we pride ourselves on our ability to rectify any issues customers experience as soon as they are reported to us.

In the past 12 months, the average time it took from a fault being reported to it being completely solved, was less than 20 minutes. 

Most software issues are solved in the first 5 minutes.

This level of service is possible because we have a first-class technical support team that have a deep level of understanding about how our systems work and can easily guide customers through any problems that they may be experiencing. 

We are aware that many of our customers are not technically-minded and so we train our support team to talk in plain non-technical jargon-free English.

Our technical team are able to provide support over the phone or through remote PC access.

Support plans

We provide a three-tiered Service Level Agreement (SLA), which is designed to provide the level of service that you require for your Sensory Guru product whenever you need it.

Our Support Plans are intended to provide peace of mind and help ensure that the products you purchase from Sensory Guru continue to function well for years to come.

Our standard SLA is included on all our Sensory Room Installations and Systems for the first 12 months. This is detailed in Section A of our SLA Agreement.

Sensory room training

Acquiring a Sensory Room is usually a significant investment and we know our customers will want to get the most out of their new resource once it has been installed. 

For this reason, training is an essential part of the Sensory Room purchase.

There are several aspects to Sensory Room Training, from:

  • basic technical operation of equipment and essential routine maintenance 

  • to personalisation and learning how to set the right levels of sensory stimulation for users 

  • content development

  • working with users in the room and much more!

Sensory Guru product specialists have a wealth of experience training our diverse customer base in how to work with and optimise outcomes using our systems for their users. 

You will be well looked after and we are always only a call away.

Aftercare Image

Refresher training days

We know that sometimes staff move on to new horizons and knowledge of how to use equipment can be lost when they are no longer present at the organisation. 

We hold several training days throughout the year where customers can receive free training and tips on how to get the most out of our products.