Watch the new Magic Carpet video!

For the past 24 months the Sensory Guru team has been beavering away tirelessly to reinvent the much loved Magic Carpet interactive Projection system. After more hours than we care to remember spent designing, coding, testing, disagreeing, redesigning, recoding and re-disagreeing we finally made it. The product is here! …It is real. And it is seriously better than the best thing we have ever created. It has everything we always dreamed of in terms of features, and more…


I would like to thank all of the people involved in the development of Magic Carpet and say a special thank you to Niko (Guru Programer), Owain (Guru Film Maker) and all of those that assisted with the filming: Liz, Iveta and the fantastic pupils from Chailey Heritage School; Emma Maltby and all the amazing little stars from St Mary the Virgin Primary School: Karen Blatchell from St Josephs and Sylvia Kerambrum from The TCES Group.


We hope you like what you see!



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