How can colour be used to create ambiance and enhance the learning environment?

Colours have a range of emotional and subconscious effects that can help to reinforce different moods and even trigger biochemical responses.

It is for this reason that Sensory Rooms and Learning Environments designed by Sensory Guru, incorporate LED colour-wash lighting to create ambiance by bathing rooms in colour.

The colour blue, for example, symbolises and creates feelings of calmness. Studies have also shown that blue light can help to adjust a person’s circadian rhythm (a person’s internal body clock which tells them when they are asleep or awake), which can help to increase levels of energy and vigour.

This is because skin and photoreceptors in the eye are sensitive to the colour blue, which results in an increase of blood flow around the body. As a result of this, the colour blue is also believed to help relieve feelings of pain.

reen classroom environment

Similarly, the colour green is often used in classrooms to enhance learning and concentration; while warm tones of yellow and orange can help to create a cosy, friendly and nurturing atmosphere by evoking feels of happiness and enthusiasm.

Research has shown that orange and yellow can also increase levels of creativity and muscle energy because they lead to an increase in oxygen flow to the brain, which triggers increased mental activity.

Yellow lighting Sensory Room

Sensory Guru’s brand colour pink, on the other hand, is bright, playful ­and representative of an individual’s inner child. The colour inspires feelings of comfort, compassion and is often associated with giving and receiving care.