Magic Carpet announced as finalist for BETT Awards 2018

Magic Carpet has been announced as a finalist for the coveted BETT Awards 2018.

The stunning app-based interactive projection system, is a contender within the Classroom Aids for Learning, Teaching and Assessment category.

Products within this category must support creative approaches to learning e.g. resource creation, resource delivery, resource presentation, communication, collaboration, information sharing, resource discovery, self-reflection, analysis, hypothesis testing, modelling, decision-making and simulation.

The Director of BESA, Patrick Hayes, who chairs the panel of judges for the Bett Awards, said: “This was a record year for the Bett Awards, with more applications from EdTech companies than ever before, coming in from around the world. This reflects the status of the Bett Awards as being the global gold standard when it comes to recognising excellence in education technology. The quality of applications was incredibly high this year, and judges had a lot of difficult decisions to make when deciding who the finalists should be. It is no mean feat to be a Bett Awards finalist, and huge congratulations should be in order for all of the companies who made the cut this year!”

The Magic Carpet will be marked by judges on whether it:

Is easy to use

 Provides valuable user guidance and information

 Stimulates interactivity and collaboration

 Has considered the wider e-safety context within the online environment

 Promotes creativity

 Is accessible and inclusive

 Promotes learning across the curriculum

 Helps schools with pupil assessment

 Is distinctive and innovative

 Provides value for money

Magic Carpet brings complex and sometimes staid subjects to life, capturing children’s imaginations and harnessing their attention — whilst making learning fun.

Students simply move over the projected applications to interact with the content. Movements are met with visual and auditory rewards, engaging visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learners.

Hundreds of applications can be downloaded from the app store, all of which are linked to the national curriculum. Teachers and students can also easily create and share applications that they have made within the app store community.

Teachers have said that the technology engages students so deeply that they are able to stand back, observe and facilitate the class, rather than having to control pupil behaviour and ultimately, when children are relaxed, having fun and engaged, they are learning at their best.

The BETT winners will be announced on the 24 January 2018.

BETT Awards 2018

“Best of Show” ISE 2017 awarded to Mobile Magic Carpet

Best of Show ISE AwardIt has been a fantastic start to 2017 for Sensory Guru, which has been awarded its second win of the year, for its Mobile Magic Carpet app based interactive projection system.

Mobile Magic Carpet was awarded “Best of Show” by NewBay publications Installation, Tech&Learning UK, Audio Media International and PSN Europe.

The competition recognised the most innovative new products on show at ISE in Amsterdam.

Judges took into consideration:

 ease of use/maintenance

 performance against category standard

 richness/relevance of the feature set

 value/return on investment



Lee Blemings, CEO of Sensory Guru, said: “It has been a fantastic start to the year. Mobile Magic Carpet can transform the way children learn in classroom environments, as well as stimulating users of all ages and abilities in education and healthcare settings.

“We are working on new innovative products that we expect to launch in the later half of 2017. It is anticipated that these new products will be highly relevant to customers of Magic Carpet.”

Mobile Magic Carpet was also a finalist for the AV News Awards at ISE, which was won by Microsoft Surface Hub.

In January Mobile Magic Carpet won “Best of Bett 2017”.

Magic Carpet’s wide variety of over 1000+ apps means that it serves special educational needs, mainstream schools and commercial environments.

Book a demonstration of the product here.

Magic Carpet wins “Best of Bett 2017”

Tech&Learning Best of Bett Award
Tech&Learning Best of Bett Award

The team at Sensory Guru would like to say a big thank you to those of you that came to visit our stand at Bett 2017.

We had an amazing time demonstrating our latest products Magic Mirror and Mobile Magic Carpet,  which is an app-based interactive projection system that was awarded Tech & Learning’s “Best of BETT 2017”.

Heather McCLean, editor at Tech & Learning said: “The winners stood out from the crowd for their all-round excellence, and the value they will contribute over 2017 and going forward.”

Mobile Magic Carpet was described by judges as: “A truly innovative product that opens up new worlds of education and learning for students of any ability, from mainstream through to those with severe special educational needs requirements. Revolutionary.”

What makes Mobile Magic Carpet stand out from other products in the market?

It has 500+ apps

 Users can create their own interactive content in minutes using 35 different templates

 Our designer spent 6 months shadowing a teacher to understand how children learn and interact and has designed apps to meet these needs

 It has multiple access points, whether it be through eye gaze, switches, voice, gestures, computer, tablet or mouse, making it inclusive for everyone

 Users benefit from a support system that is unrivalled by other products on the market because the equipment and apps are designed and manufactured in-house

 The size of the projection can be altered from the size a wheelchair table top to 3.8 meters wide

 It is mobile

 It has high quality projection and does not suffer from latency or delayed response

 You can plug it in and play – with no need to connect to the internet

Didn’t have chance to see Mobile Magic Carpet at Bett?

No problem. We are also exhibiting at Integrated Systems Europe, Amsterdam where we have been nominated for the AV News Awards!

You can also book a demo by following this link.