Amwell View School & Specialist Sports College in Stanstead Abbotts, Hertfordshire, caters for 110 children with PMLD and complex needs, Autism and mild learning disabilities MLD). We first met Amwell View’s management team at one of our Study Days, where they approached us about an exciting new build opportunity they were looking to move forward with.

We visited the team on site to learn more, meeting with their architect. At this point we realised the scale of the project was large with the build requiring a whole range of different sensory and access components. The school were very keen to provide a space that catered for all students, but were especially keen to ensure those with the most profound and complex needs would be able to access as much of the technology as possible and provide learning opportunities and outcomes for every single pupil.

Collaborative Design

As the project progressed, it was felt that it may work better as a collaboration between ourselves, the architect and Mike Ayres Designs. We handled the more complex interactive components such as the interactive floor, Magic Mirror, two fully immersive interactive lighting systems, switch activation control systems and multi-wall projection. Mike Ayres provided a dark room environment and a relaxation based space featuring more passive equipment.

Sensory Guru inspired us to be a little bit different and to think beyond the norm. The end result is an amazing space that encourages children to be creative and never fails to delight!

When considering how to incorporate the curriculum into the environment, our joint concept was that each pupil would enter the school, access a lift, and then continue through a fully interactive corridor. As individuals moved through the corridor space, lighting, sounds and beams would be triggered. A large track hoist system was installed so pupils could be lifted to anywhere within the space and experience a fully interactive, immersive learning journey.

The main sensory environment featured an interactive wall and floor, colour wash lighting and switch controlled functionality to allow pupils with the smallest movements to engage with the space. In addition, the room could be controlled using eye tracking which in turn could be used with the interactive Magic Carpet, enabling eye gaze users to interact with their peers.

Following the installation, we provided hand-over training to staff. We have since held a successful Study Day at the school for prospective customers and professionals to experience the equipment first hand and to learn about the space.
Are you thinking about adding a state-of-the-art sensory room to your organisation?