Tobii Dynavox Edition Beamz Player Software

Tobii Dynavox Edition Beamz Player Software


With the Beamz Player Tobii Edition Software, it is possible to make music using just your eyes. The Beamz Player Software has been specially adapted for eye control with wider, variable laser beams making it easier for the user to control instruments.

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Specially made for easier Tobii Dynavox Gaze Interaction, the Tobii Dynavox Edition Beamz Interactive Music Player Software for the Windows Operating System, including at least 60 interactive songs and with variable size beams within the User Interface.


Beamz Interactive Music System

Beamz Interactive Music System consists of an optional laser controller and a piece of software. It works by users breaking any of the 4 beams, either on the controller itself, or on-screen using eye gaze, to trigger an instrument. The nice thing about this is that each instrument is played in tune and users can either play single notes or break the beams to play the instrument continuously.

A remarkable  aspect of Beamz is the opportunity for sharing a mutually enjoyable experience with family and friends, disabled or not. Beamz multi-generational appeal brings together children, parents, grand and great grandparents in the most fun and interactive way.

Click here to learn more about Beamz Interactive Music System Hardware.

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