Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore


The PCEye Explore is an entry level, peripheral eye tracker that opens up the wonderful world of gaze interaction to everyone.With the PCEye Explore, young or inexperienced users get a simple, fun and no-fail way to learn how to use eye tracking and gaze interaction, while at the same time preparing them for AAC communication.


Product Description

Connect the PCEye Explore to your laptop or desktop and PCEye Explore lets you move the mouse pointer and perform left clicks, using only your eyes. Learn more about Eye Gaze Technology here.

NO-FAIL PLAY – In a playful environment, the user can experience the cause of his or her actions and see what is possible – look at the screen and something happens.

TRACK THE USER’S RESPONSE – With a visible mouse cursor showing where the user is looking, we can see if a user is responding and reacting appropriately.

TARGETING & LEARNING – Introduce active targeting with “no-fail” targeting software, such as Sensory EyeFX, that lets the user always experience something fun, exciting, and interesting.


There are virtually thousands of third party software titles and web applications that bring excitement, fun, escape, and “no-fail” activities to end users where there has otherwise mostly been work, repetition, and effort. As long as they work with a mouse cursor and an optional left mouse click, you can use them with PCEye Explore.

PCEye Explore works brilliantly together with simple stamping, choice making and reading activities all available in Boardmaker Online.


After the eye tracker has been installed and calibrated, there are a few things that call for your attention. Use the settings to control the basic functionality of the PCEye Explore – turn the eye tracker on or off, show or hide the mouse cursor, and turn click on or off.

Also, a discreet onscreen heads-up-display indicates whether the user is properly positioned in front of the eye tracker or not, allowing for optimum eye tracking performance.


Share the eye tracker among several users. The PCEye Explore provides great cost benefits to schools and resource centres that offer eye tracking to its students and users, either as a complement or an alternative to switch usage.

  • The PCEye Explore is a clip-on module which allows you to use it on a different computers, allowing you to upgrade your desktop or laptop computer(s) while keeping the PCEye Explore eye tracker.
  • The PCEye Explore can be used with many software titles and web applications; from playing simple cause-and-effect games to precise targeting.
  • The accuracy, precision and robustness of the Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore makes it ideal for environments with different users. The PCEye Explore can track most individuals, regardless of glasses, contacts or dark or light pupils; and with the support of multiple user profiles and magnetic mounts, changing settings between different users and physical locations is a breeze.


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