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Tailored Mounting Solutions

We provide the full range of Rehadapt products and can offer robust solutions for all mounting scenariosy

Virtual Mounting Solutions (VMS)

This revolutionary service from Sensory Guru and REHAdapt provides customers with an easy way to source a bespoke wheelchair mounting solution. Send us information about your requirements and we will provide a bespoke design and quotation.


Take images from 5 different angles to show the mounting location


: Upload these images using the form you’ll find in VMS Request Form


Add details about your wheelchair and device


Provide your contact details


Customised Service

Individual customisation

Taking the Guess Work Out

Simple way to achieve a robust mounting solution

Time Saver

Setups can be completed in less than 5 minutes!

Customised Design

Virtual representation of proposed mounting solution


Will a Rehadapt Mounting Solution meet my needs?

One of the main benefits of Rehadapt mounts is that they are modular in construction. This means that they can be adapted, extended, shortened, pivoted and adjusted to meet the needs of almost any mounting requirement. The Rehadapt range includes over 100 individual components and adaptors. We are sure that a solution can be assembled to meet your needs. If you need a personalised solution why not upload your info into the VMS form so that we can provide you with a suitable mount and quotation.

Risk Assessment and Planning?

Mounting a communication aid requires a significant degree of thought and planning to ensure the specified solution meets the needs of the user. Careful consideration needs to be given to how the device will be used, the environments in which it will be used and how much stress the mount is likely to be put under. Getting it wrong can result in broken devices, personal injury and in the worst possible cases, even death.  Imagine for instance a device mounted over the bed of an individual who cannot move and relies on a ventilator for oxygen… If a device fall in this scenario it can be fatal. Rehadapt Floorstands are used in these situations in hospitals throughout the UK everyday. We have created a risk assessment for analysing and mitigating the risks of a given solution. Please contact us via the VMS form for details about the risks of a given solution for your purposes and environment.

I need a mount for my Wheelchair what is the process?

The best course of action will be to use the Virtual Mounting Service form on this page to upload information about your device and chair so that we can pass this over to our colleagues at Rehadapt. Once they have all of the information they will design a solution that will work for you. This includes a 3D drawing showing the optimised mounting solution for your device and access needs. Rehadapt offer Sensory Guru customers a 72 hour (working days only) turnaround. The solution will come complete with an itemised parts list and pricing schedule. You can then either fit the mount yourself or or you can book a fitting with us and Smile Smart Tech will fit the mount for you. The benefit of having the device fitted is that Smile Smart Tech are the UK experts in fitting Rehadapt solutions and will provide peace of mind that everything is 100% safe and secure.

Who is liable if a mounting solution fails?

Rehadapt warranty the build quality and integrity of their mounting solution for 2 years. This means mounts should be free from faults. It does not include accidental damage or provide cover for incorrect assembly. For the avoidance of doubt, the liability for mounting, tightening and fixing the communication aid in place resides with the user. Where the Rehadapt VMS service has been used and Smile Smart Tech have fitted the mount a detailed risk assessment and method statement will be provided. It is advised that everyone working to support a user reads the method statement prior to fixing a device in place.

When is a Rehadapt Wheelchair Mount not suitable?

If you are only ever going to be using a communication aid in your house or place of learning or work, it is possible that a floorstand or alternative off-the-shelf solution may work better for you. Mounting to a chair is all about portability and using your device on the go. In addition, there are certain individuals for whom a Rehadapt Wheelchair Mount will not be suitable. This includes people that have very forceful athetoid movement. Rehadapt will provide an honest assessment of the mounting needs when you submit your VMS request. If it is likely that your requirements cannot be met or an alternative solution would be better we will notify you.

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