Magic Carpet

What is Magic Carpet?

Magic Carpet is a stunning, app-based interactive projection system that aims to stimulate and engage learners of all ages and abilities.

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Magic Carpet responds to gesture, eyes or touch - making it inclusive for everyone!

Participants simply move over the projected apps to trigger a dynamic audio-visual response.

It has its own app store, with hundreds of applications that can be downloaded.

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The fun, experiential and gamified content has applications within learning, therapy and play:

  • 1000s of apps available
  • Apps for learning, therapy and play
  • Make your own apps
  • Stimulate and engage participants
  • Supports the curriculum
  • Inclusive for everyone
  • Responds to the slightest movements
  • Gesture, eye gaze or touch
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“I would say to anyone that wanted to get a Magic Carpet - go for it! Because they are absolutely fantastic!”

- Karen Bratchell - Teacher

Magic Carpet in Early Years & Primary

Let your pupil’s imagination fly to distant places, as they explore the wonders of learning with the Magic Carpet!

What makes Magic Carpet so popular in the classroom?

  • 100s of apps available
  • Easy app builder
  • Inclusive learning format
  • Immediate feedback, helping to retain pupil engagement and cut down on teacher’s time spent marking!
  • Gets children up on their feet and moving, as opposed to sitting at their desks all day
  • Engages pupils to such a degree that teachers can stand back, observe and direct the class, rather than trying to control pupil behaviour
  • Appeals to kinaesthetic, visual and auditory learners
  • Children work together to select the right answers and discuss the topics being presented, helping to build speaking and listening skills, as well as problem solving, reasoning and group work
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Magic Carpet in SEN

In Special Educational Needs settings, Magic Carpet is unsurpassed as a tool to engage and stimulate participants, focus learning and encourage exploration.

Magic Carpet Image
Magic Carpet Image


The interactive projection system can be used 1:1 to help create a sensory, calming space, or in a group to help students improve their communication and social interaction skills.

Make your own apps!

The range of engaging content available on the Magic Carpet App Store, means that whether you are looking to build an understanding of cause and effect, develop communication and social skills or enable students to access the curriculum in a more inclusive way – the Magic Carpet has it all!

Super accessible!

Magic Carpet can also be accessed using several access methods – eye gaze, gestures, or touch, ensuring that it is inclusive for everyone and that it can be easily tailored to suit individual needs.

  • Used by over 250 SEN schools in UK
  • Stimulates and engages
  • Fun, educational content
  • Multi-user recognition
  • Responds to gesture, eye gaze or touch
  • Make your own apps
  • Height adjustable to allow projection on to tables and wheelchair trays
  • Variable projection size from 1.2m - 3.8m wide
  • Bright vivid image
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“Magic Carpet has brought so much out of our learners; their imagination just runs absolutely wild! They are pretending to be animals hiding in caves, or take their shoes off and swim across the fish pond app!”

- Karen Bratchell - St Joseph’s Specialist School and College

Magic Carpet Features

Apps & Templates

Magic Carpet apps provide immediate feedback and can be accessed by several pupils at the same time.

There are 100s of apps available for Magic Carpet accessible via the Magic Carpet online app store.

There is something for everybody! Add to this rich pool of content the ability to make your own apps from templates and you have a resource with unlimited potential.

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500+ apps included as standard

Magic Carpet Apps are visually stunning and sensitive to all levels of user interaction. No other system gets close to the quality of our apps or breadth of content!

25 categories

Magic Carpet apps are categorised by learning key stage, subject, therapeutic application, individual need and age range. See App Store to learn more:

35 templates included as standard:

  • Fish Pond
  • Splat
  • Wipe
  • Scatter
  • Catch
  • Memory
  • Quiz
  • Flame
  • Football
  • Mist
  • Burst
  • Grab
  • Flip
  • Tiles
  • Sound Pad
  • Torch
  • Video Flip
  • Reveal
  • Jump Scene
  • Water
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Magic Carpet software...

has been designed with simplicity in mind; making it easy for people to work with in any setting.

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Selecting apps is as simple as clicking on an app icon! Want to make an app? Just follow the step through wizard! Want to make a collection or playlist? Simply drag and drop the apps. Everyone can do it!

App Builder:

Make Apps using Our super easy app creator wizard



Group apps into your own custom collections

Media Library

Media Library:

5000 royalty free images and sounds to use in your apps

Playlists & Schedules:

Have magic carpet automate your playlists


Add apps to your Favourites page


Directly from the Magic Carpet Control app

Magic Carpet App Store

When you acquire a Magic Carpet you become part of a global family of users.

The online App Store is the gateway to the community where you can acquire new activities, share activities you have created and build new activities using the online activity builder software.


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Apps for everything!

To further enhance customer experience, Magic Carpet has its very own app store. Here users can acquire new apps and browse the +1000 apps that are currently available.

How to get new apps

Login to the Magic Carpet app store account and search apps you would like to purchase, then checkout online or request a quote to pay by Purchase Order. You can pre-load your account with Magic Carpet credits too!

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Investment in Content

We invest heavily in app content for Magic Carpet and employ in-house app developers and designers who spend all of their time creatingnew apps for Magic Carpet. Rest assured that when you buy into Magic Carpet you are buying into a well-supported system with new resources being added on a daily basis.

Sharing Platform

It is possible to freely share apps that you have created with other Magic Carpet users all over the world. Simply upload your app to our server direct from your Magic Carpet software and we will review and publish the app as freely distributed content to all other Magic Carpet users.

Your chance to win!

Refer our products, such as Magic Carpet to a friend via the App Store for your chance to win a Sensory Room!

Find Out More

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Try me!

best way to learn about the Magic Carpet is to see it live.

We have representatives throughout the UK that love nothing more than to demonstrate the system – book a demonstration below.

Magic Carpet Image
Magic Carpet Image


Students simply move over the projected applications to interact with the content. Each movement is met with visual and auditory rewards, engaging visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learners.

The engaging content and immersive learning experience enables pupils to access the curriculum in new and exciting ways.

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Teachers say the inclusive learning tool is great for:

  • Harnessing attention
  • Making learning fun
  • Promoting collaboration
  • Reducing disruptive behaviour
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“Magic Carpet has the potential to revolutionise learning in the classroom and create an inclusive learning landscape where everyone participates on equal terms.”

- Sylvia Kerambrum – Head Teacher TCES Group

Content is key!

Magic Carpet comes with its own App Store, an online community where teachers can browse through the hundreds of applications that can be downloaded. Whether you are teaching English, History, Science or Maths - there is something for everyone!

Teachers can also create their own apps and share this content with other schools –ensuring an evolving pool of useful content is available for teachers to build their lesson plans around. The resources are endless!

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“With Magic Carpet the children have fun and don’t realise they are learning, and ultimately, when children are relaxed and having fun, you’ve hit the money! The children are feeling it, they are doing it, they are loving it - they are learning at their best.”

- Emma Maltby, Head Teacher – St Mary the Virgin Primary

Magic Carpet in Hospitals

Did you know that Magic Carpet is the only system of its kind to have made it on to the NHS Procurement Framework?

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De- stress, excite and entertain

Practitioners enthuse about Magic Carpet’s ability to create a feel-good factor that can often be missing from hospital wards, through its ability to de-stress, excite and entertain patients.

The engaging content and relaxing sounds can transform the hospital environment into a magical place that feels completely different to the traditional hospital setting.

Magic Carpet Image

The interactive projection system can be used in numerous ways within a healthcare setting:

  • to aid distraction during invasive procedures
  • to enhance the hospital, visit by creating a relaxing, comforting space to minimise anxiety
  • for rehabilitation
  • for physioterapy
  • to provide entertainment and sensory stimulation for inpatients
  • to sooth and calm patients who are experiencing high levels of pain
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Ease of use

Magic Carpet is self-contained, robustand can be easily cleaned, ensuring that it is compliant with NHS infection control practices.

The intuitive systems also require minimal training, playlists and schedules can also easily be created by staff, which means that minimal resources and supervision are required to run the Magic Carpet.

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Fixed Magic Carpet

Mobile and adaptable

Mobile Magic Carpet can also be easily moved between different wards and has a built-in lift, which means that the size of the projection can be varied – from the size of a wheelchair tray top, up to a hospital bed, or across a vinyl floor up to 4m!

“For a month, we asked patients and their families to fill out a questionnaire relating to the Magic Carpet. The feedback was extremely positive with approximately 90% stating that the Magic Carpet had: made a change when they came into the hospital, was liked, was fun, was interactiv, took their mind off what they were having done in hospital.”

- Sian Spencer-Little, a specialised play practitioner at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Magic Carpet in Hospices

We are proud to say that nearly every Children’s Hospice in the UK has a stand-alone Magic Carpet, or incorporates the system as part of one of our Sensory Rooms.

This is thanks to our partnership with the fantastic charity, Lifelites, which works to give life-limited and disabled children in hospices access to life-changing technology.

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Multi- user accessible

Magic Carpet has multi-user accessibility, which enables children with life limiting conditions to interact and play on equal terms with parents and siblings.

The interactive projection system responds to gesture, eye gaze or touch, ensuring that it can be accessed and controlled through the preferred access method of the user. Children gain immense satisfaction and enjoyment when they see the impact that their actions have!

Engaging and immersive

Magic Carpet’s bright and engaging content helps to create an immersive environment that can enable participants to feel like they are in woodland, walking through a cornfield, or going on a trip to the beach. Places that we may take for granted, but may be incredibly difficult to access and experience for some children.

Children can have fun kicking up leaves, splashing in the sea or even playing football - things that their parents may have never thought were possible.

Hundreds of applications can be downloaded from the Magic Carpet App Store - for education, therapy or play!

Magic Carpet also has its own easy app builder, which means that content can be tailored to suit the specific interests of participants.

Pictures and videos of friends and family can easily be uploaded and turned into interactive content – a favourite feature of both children and parents!

“Magic Carpet gives children the opportunity to escape the confines of their condition and embrace a world of make-believe. They can fly a plane, splash in the sea and even play football. This means so much to a child whose life is restricted by their condition. They can let their imaginations run wild and control something for themselves.”

- Simone Enefer-Doy - CEO Lifelites Charity

Magic Carpet in Adult Care

Magic Carpet is not just for children! It has hundreds of applications that have been designed with the adult user in mind.

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Applications aim to help to keep residents stimulated in order to maintain cognitive function and reduce feelings of isolation, boredom and frustration.

Through the stimulation of sight, sound, touch and movement, participants can be transported to places that we may all take for granted, but may be incredibly difficult for some of service users to access and experience — for example a trip to the seaside, a walk through the corn fields, or to the top of a mountain!

The app store has hundreds of applications that can be downloaded, depending on the needs and interests of the user. This means that content can be personalised to meet the needs of everyone.

Gesture focused

Gesture focused activities can be used to work on depth and spatial awareness, visual tracking and hand-eye coordination, while quizzes and sequencing applications have been found to help increase mental activity and benefit cognitive function – the range of content is vast!

All of the applications can be presented at various levels of complexity, depending on the needs of an individual.

Magic Carpet Image

Make your own apps

Magic Carpet also comes with its own easy app maker, which enables you to tailor content to the varying needs and interests of participants.

Personal photos and videos of a resident’s precious moments can be projected onto tables and floors, to drive positive emotions and evoke key memories, such as a trip to the seaside.

Social interaction

Magic Carpet supports multi-user interaction, which can help to encourage communication and social interaction. This also helps to keep the brain stimulated and reduce cognitive decline.

Reduce trips and falls

To minimise the risk of trips and falls the Magic Carpet can be projected onto a table top. However, with the aid of a facilitator, Magic Carpet provides a fantastic aid for encouraging movement which can help prevent muscles weakening and joints stiffening, which can help to reduce falls.

Physiotherapists also often use the magic carpet as an aid for balance and strengthening exercises.

Magic Carpet Image
Magic Carpet Image


The MC has multiple access points, whether your preferred access method is gesture, eye gaze or switch – making it accessible for everyone.

Mobile Magic Carpet also has a variable projection size, from the size of a wheelchair tray top – up to 4m wide!

Magic Carpet in Leisure

Magic Carpet is perfect for all environments where engagement, fun, inclusion and leaning are the key deliverables in user experience.

Gamified, engaging content

As a result, commercial and leisure settings love Magic Carpet due to its gamified, engaging content that has the ability to engage, entertain and excite participants.

The vivid and enchanting interactive applications capture the interests of both children and adults – we challenge you to find someone that can resist having a go!

Apps for everyone!

The Football App is a favourite amongst users, however, the hundreds of applications available on the Magic Carpet App Store, means that there are apps  to suit the interests of everyone.

Make your own Apps

Magic Carpet comes with its own app maker so content can easily be personalised and tailored to suit individual needs.

Content can easily be branded to promote an organisation and help to get your message across.

Whether a bank, museum, shop, or fast food chain, Magic Carpet never fails to capture people’s attention and bring a smile their face!

Ease of use

Magic Carpet has been built with ease of use in mind, which means that you can easily create favourites, playlists and schedules that enable the Magic Carpet to run unsupervised.

Mobile Magic Carpet

Fixed Magic Carpet

  • Easy to store
  • Variable projection size
  • Available in 6 vibrant colours
  • Plug and play
  • Bright 4000 lumens projector

Perfectly packaged!

This little box of magic has an electronic lift to vary the size of the projection image to suit all environments 1.3 - 3.6M wide. It can project on to floors, tables, beds, wheelchair trays and beyond. Which colour will you choose?

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Fixed Magic Carpet

Fixed Magic Carpet

  • Can be installed into almost any environment
  • Components hidden nicely out of reach
  • Doesn’t take up any floor space
  • Perfect for rooms where space is an issue

Perfect for a dedicated space!

The fixed option is perfect for a dedicated space such as a Classroom, Library, Sensory Room or School Hall.

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